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Breakfast 01:46
Wait up For the smell of my past fires To spill out from spiraled fibers To blow in Through the window I left open In my attempt to feel the morning The knobs have fallen off Of the doors I thought were locked Hurry Breakfast is almost ready Please get out of bed already We don’t have much time to waste And we're already running late Wake up To the smell of burning eggs But I think that they can wait Burnt eggs aren't the worst to taste
Bed 03:03
Can’t get out of bed Because it’s me who made it But it’s not really made yet And I don’t know if i’ll make it Cant take the bed out of me It’s in there to a degree Above what if I’ve been trying to leave but I just can’t take it I am one with my bed The pillows and blankets wrapping all around my head I feel bad about it, was it better left unsaid? I’ll take that as a yes Can't get out of bed Because it's me who made it Even though it's not quite made yet I want it but I just can't fake it Can't take the bad out of me You can cover it up til it can't be seen But it's essentially the same It's there concealed but it still exists either way I am one with my bed The sheets and the blankets making a fortress ‘round my head I feel wrong about it, was it better left unsaid? I’ll take that as it is
Every time I stop to look Wonder why I started at all Everything Waits for me When I sing Discovering What I bring It falls away... It falls to the sand From my socialist hands I'm always giving more than I'm given
Sightlines 02:10
Shortening my sightlines doesn't always feel this good to me I’m standing on the sidelines as you pass through my periphery But I can't seem to find the fine line Between what has been said and when this time Weakening the frontline seems intuitive and easy But I’m always focused on the feeling That I might finally find some meaning But full of air and weight I can’t Wait Fully For what I can’t unfold Quickly Allegories left untold Wholly Slipped another note Too early Fell out of my throat I’m sorry Filling up my byline on another person’s deadline Uncertain past this past time Unable to get past The past tense Of what I wanted to make To make sense Of this pretend pretense I can’t protect Against
2nd Thoughts 02:46
It feels like every feeling is the same No new reaction to a different kind of name Each new room you occupy Looks familiar to the same old set of eyes The chemical response Doesn’t have to be at odds With whatever the starting thought Had in mind or briefly bought One more time to find A brand new blank design One more chance to make A simpl(er/ or) quick change All my thoughts are second thoughts But where do the first ones go? All my thoughts are second thoughts All the old ones I outgrow
Skywriting 02:32
I see myself from on high I I’m barely breathing alive I I'm feeling buried alive I I love the feeling of life I Refuse to outstay my welcome I’ll Be over here and you’re welcome I Wonder how many will see me I Won’t wait around ‘til you leave me I I always watch ‘em all leaving I I’m watching me watch me leaving But I have no choice I can’t leave me I I'm holding on ‘til you reach me I Won't last the night but I'll try to I I really really like you But I won't regret that I said that I I really mean it I meant that But Of course it's hard to say this time But Just so you know I will be fine I'll be fine I see myself from on high I I think that might be a lie I I wonder who I’d belie I The push and pull of the tides I Refuse to unlatch my sides I I laugh and laugh 'til i cry I Will hold your hand ‘til you die I Will hold your hand ‘til we die I Our hands are tied like a tie I Will never learn how or why I I know that I will be fine I I’m sure that I will be fine I Can never search on the ground I'll find my own way around I I wanna learn how to fly I Will write this song in the sky I I watch it exit my life I I’m waving off it’s goodbye
Coded silence Colder when/if The older I get The more of this context I have to misunderstand Dotted lines in your Spoken laughing Lacking after In lagging patterns Broken sighing The light is dying What is left to organize?: A bunch of questions you left behind I thought I’d answer at least some But I can’t unfold a single one Unfolding Your clothes I’m holding On to my nose Fading and falling fast asleep I’m singled out but within a leap I’ll be fine...
Even/Out 03:00
My issue's that I always sing When I don't know if I'll get anything out of it You can never be sure why this exists If there's one thing I've learned it's there's nothing to learn So I look at the stars and I watch them burn I think it's fine to speak in cliches But singing them adds a whole other weight I'm not even out I'm always in Take a look at myself And decide that's it My issues that I always evolve And I don’t know if I’ll ever resolve all of it You can never be sure this still exists If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that I’ll never learn So I stand on the ground and I feel it turn I think it’s fine to change by the way But singing that means more anyway I'm not even out I'm always in Take a look at myself And decide that's it The birds are here and I am too I just wish I could be with you The birds are cool, but I like you too I'll probably read this hours from now Finally figuring that I’d have figured it out And think that I'm dumb or hate how I sound I'm not even out I'm always in Take a look at myself And decide that's it I’ll be evened out Not always in Can’t take a look at myself Or decide that's it
1000 02:13
I felt a thousand eyes on my hands and legs I felt a hundred hearts in mine If you wanted to see them You’d have to get in line I never wanted to be famous I'm still convinced I stole this song What makes you think that I’d be sorry for it The best writers are the best thieves I'm not the best writer, that’s not what I mean I thought the way I felt was true and honest I demonstrated all I could But it would never be enough to satisfy What the other part of me would I felt a thousand fingers grab and pull me Away from everything I was The joke is that they all belonged to my hands Every thread unraveled where I stand
Subtle Woo 02:39
I'd never woo ya Or ever try to flash your eyes I'm always silent ‘Til the sound dies I'd never silence You or anything but my phone Even though I feel alone I'll never lose you You're always just ahead of the crowd I’ll follow the noise and within a walk you'll always be found Even if I'm not evened out I'll never see you If I never turn to look around I'll always hate that Feeling like I'm already bound To close my ears right now To every harsh sound You don't have to be so loud But maybe it's just me right now
No Worries 02:43
What do I need Aside from what I can see? Why I am I worried About my beliefs? If everyone’s worried, It shouldn’t mean anything. Worry is only A made-up thing To create What I don’t want. It’s not what I need To motivate me. What do I need Aside from what I can see? Please no more worries; It’s just silly to me.




released September 14, 2018

On "S," Blue Stoplights is:

Robby Biegalski - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano/Keys, Banjo

Conor McKenzie - Drums, Percussion

Dean Jepsen - Vocals on Tracks 1, 2, and 11

Written by Robby--arrangements by Blue Stoplights.
Recorded and mixed by Blue Stoplights.
Mastered by Seth Engel.

Thank you to our family, friends, and fans for continuing to encourage and inspire us to create. We love you.

More specific thanks to:

Tom Biegalski for album art/photography
Hunter McKenzie for lending mixing help


all rights reserved



Blue Stoplights Lindenhurst, Illinois

bouquet 2021

friendship music by robby, dean, and conor

contact: bluestoplightsband@gmail.com

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